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April 21, 2014
Monday, 3:15 pm
Great Lakes Rooms
Palmer Commons


3:15  Call to Order/Approval of Agenda and Minutes
3:20  Announcements
3:30  IT Strategies Guests:
         James Hilton, Dean of Libraries and Vice
         Provost for Digital Education Initiatives
         Laura Patterson, Chief Information Officer and
         Vice President, Information and Technology Services
4:00  Status Reports from selected Chairs of Senate Assembly Committees:
         Annette Haines, Faculty Perspectives Page
         Sherrie Kossoudji, Scholarship Task Force
         Mika Lavaque-Monty, Academic Affairs Advisory Committee
         David Potter, Student Relations and University Secretary Advisory Committees
         Douglas Richstone, Research Policies Committee
         Sarah Stoddard, Government Relations Advisory Committee
         Robin Wilson, Committee on University Values
4:45  Senate Assembly Chair's Final Remarks
4:55  Unfinished Business
5:00  Adjournment